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Members User Guide

Here you will find user guides to many parts of the Shoutlocal.com system. The 'How to' series will make using the members dashboard much clearer. You will notice as you move around the system that we have created a system that is both familiar and similar in all transactions that you try to make. If you have any questions, of course as always, get in touch with the community team.

How to Series

Please note that some pages are exclusively for our paid members. You would need to be logged in to view. We have indicated which pages are for members only.

Events - Adding and viewing events to shoutlocal.com (Members Only)

Job Vacancies - How to Post a Job Vacancy (Members Only)

Marketplace - How to Post a Classified/Free Ad

How to Post a Product (Members Only)

How to Post a Coupon/Special Offer (Members Only)

Photos - How to Post a Photo Album

Property - How to Post a Property (Members Only)

Reviews - How to Post and Manage a Reviews

Travel - How to Post a Travel Offer (Members Only) - COMING SOON

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