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Search 100's of airlines and travel agents in one place

Welcome to the amazing new facility that is Shoutlocal.com Travel Services. We are teaming up with some of the biggest names around to bring you a full selection of travel services from right here on your favourite community website. Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you everything from flight bookings, car hire and hotels, to travel offers from your local travel businesses. All part of the service to connect local business to the community.

Lets introduce our flight service

Shoutlocal.com have teamed up with Dohop a free and independent flight search engine. Shoutlocal.com has very exacting requirements for what we needed for our community members, we needed something that's just that bit different. Instead of just searching for the cheapest price for the selected route among different airlines and online travel agents (OTAs), our flight search system starts by searching for all possible routes, combining different airlines and OTAs. Only after our system has searched for the thousands of different routes available does it then search for the cheapest price for each leg of the trip. This means we are able to offer a unique service, 'Self Connect'. Of course this all happens right in front of your eyes in seconds. With our new flight search facility you can search over 1200 airlines and OTAs in one place in over 29 languages. Shoutlocal.com - For the community, by the community, to the community!


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