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Print Posted By Shoutlocal.com on 02/02/2017



Costa Blanca People

Freezing temperatures in the eastern regions of Spain, including Alicante and Murcia,have lead to a lack of vegetables on shelves in UK supermarkets – and prices rocketing for the few that are left.

Popular grocerychain Tesco said the violent storms, torrential rain and snow in the ComunidadValenciana and Murcia had created ‘a few availability issues’ for staples suchas courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, broccoli and peppers,but that the store was ‘working with its suppliers to resolve the problem assoon as possible’.

This appears tobe rather an understatement, given that production falls on the Mediterraneanand have plummeted – combined with thick snows and freezing climates in Italy,another salad-growing hotspot – meaning practically none of the vegetables fromthese areas are being restocked.

And UK supermarkets import over 50 percent of their vegetables and 90 percent of their fruit at any time of year. The supply problem is not just a temporary issue caused by the current extreme winter weather in Spain – crops planted just before the cold snap are now unlikely to flourish, meaning even a national shortage, which will translated to an even greater scarcity for the UK. And at the moment, with vegetables being in short supply in British shops, prices have soared on those few which remain on sale.

According to a Brussels-based fresh food forum which has studied supermarket prices in the UK in recent days, the average cost of vegetables imported from Spain has gone up by between 25 percent and 40 percent.

Had thishappened a year ago, the price hike may not have been so steep, with exchangerates hovering at around €1.40 to the pound. But since the Brexit referendumresult, the pound's value has ranged from lows of €1.09 to highs of €1.23.

It is predicted to take another dive in March 2017 when British Prime Minister Theresa May triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, starting the clock ticking on the UK's two-year deadline to leave the European Union.


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The Costa Blanca People is a leading and innovative media provider with a physical and virtual presence. We support local people by championing their causes; we fight, highlight and lobby on behalf of the people of the Costa Blanca. We raise awareness of everything from personal injustice, new local facilities and con-artist scams to political change and community service improvements. We actively promote the achievements of local people and businesses through award schemes such as The Pride of Spain Awards, The Culinary Awards and The Health & Beauty Awards. We also unite with local residents on charity promo!on and fundraising. You can read the Costa Blanca People online by clicking here.

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