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Print Posted By Shoutlocal.com on 01/11/2016



Costa Blanca PeopleThe appearance of nine, rusty old skips outside the Park Inn in Quesada has caused outrage in the local community. Park Inn owners have claimed that the upturned eyesores have been placed there by local property developers Justo Quesada in a bid to force the bar to pay 1,000 euros in order to use part of the car park for its tables and to host its regular charity events.

Landlord Tony said that the business sent a demand to his solicitor for the payment out of the blue several weeks ago. This was the first time any kind of 'terrace tax' has ever been mentioned in the three years he and his wife Julie have owned the bar and to his knowledge the previous owners had never been approached either.

Then a few months ago several concrete storm drains appeared on the car park but being resourceful, the owners had wooden tops made with umbrellas in and used them as decorative tables. The concrete storm drains disappeared, but it wasn't long before the skips arrived at 7am one Monday morning in early October.

Tony said: "We own the freehold lease to the Park Inn and we also pay Suma on the business. If Justo Quesada can prove it owns the car park, then we have no objection to paying a reasonable amount of rent for the small amount of space we use. Firstly, there appears to be a question mark over the ownership and classification of the land and secondly, 1,000 euros is a ridiculous amount; we could rent another business for that amount of money and simply do not have that amount of disposable income a month."

The skips not only look a mess they are dangerous. Tony has been to the Policia Local, Guardia Civil and even the National Police to make a denuncia and to report the situation and has been told if there are any injuries then the property developer would be held responsible for placing the skips on the car park and causing a danger to the public.

Tony's solicitor is in the process of making more sensible offer for the monthly payments and so he is hopeful the situation will be resolved quickly an amicably, but if Justo Quesada holds out for the alleged 1,000 euros the situation could go on indefinitely. It's not just the landlord, patrons and local community that have been left dumfounded by the dumping of the skips. Elche Children's Care Home, a local charity providing an improved life to children in need, is devastated that the Park Inn can no longer hold its charity events.

Michelle Diggle said: "We were absolutely devastated to see these pictures of the upturned skips which have been placed outside the Park Inn. The Park Inn is an avid supporter of the Elche Children's Care Home and raises thousands of euros every year by holding charity events in the car park directly outside their bar.

Its target for this year is 10,000 euros (6,000 euros of which they have already raised), however, they will not be able to hold any more events whilst these unsightly monstrosities are outside the front door. As the home relies totally on donations, this money is crucial to the welfare of the children living there."

"We would appeal to Justo Quesada on behalf of Elche Children's Care Home Charity to resolve this issue quickly and fairly so that a local business can not only continue to make a living and pay its staff but also to continue raising funds to support the children who live in the Elche Children's Car Home and rely heavily on the money raised by the ex-pat community to maintain the Home."

The Park Inn is asking members of the local community to support their battle to get the skips removed by signing a petition in the bar. There are currently six pages of signatures and Tony is hopeful of reaching 15 pages before handing it in to Rojales Town Hall.


At the time of going to press The Costa Blanca People is awaiting a response from Justo Quesada. We have been in touch with a number of company representatives and have been told that our enquiry has been passed to the relevant department and that a response will be given in due course. That response will be published as and when it is received. 

All news content displayed on shoutlocal.com is provided by The Costa Blanca People, The people's paper, all work is credited to the named Costa Blanca People writer above. Founded in 2004, the Costa Blanca People is the most popular free newspaper on the southern Costa Blanca. You can read the Costa Blanca People online by clicking here.


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