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Print Posted By Shoutlocal.com on 02/02/2017



Costa Blanca People

A resident has stumbled on a mystery structure on Cala Mosca, the last green area on Orihuela Costa where a developer plans to build 1,500 new houses. The structure is made of bricks and stones and descends around 10-15 metres at a gradient of 45 degrees leading to what appears to be a tunnel or cave. The person who made the discovery did not enter as to do so would require authorisation, adequate lighting and proper protection. Therefore no one is sure where the opening leads to. However, there is already speculation that it could be a storage facility used during the Spanish civil war or the remains of an old irrigation system.

Local political party CLARO is calling on the developer to do the ‘right’ thing and declare the presence of the structure.

A CLARO spokesman said: “What is clear is that the developer, who is the owner of the land, has an obligation to declare what this is and have it properly investigated and we will insist that this is done. It could be of some archaeological importance and may be protected by regional or local laws. The developer has no excuse for not having declared it already. It is his legal obligation.

“He has owned the land for decades and applied for building permission 10 years ago. The infrastructure of streets and pavements has been in place for several years, so he and his employees must know every inch of the land and be aware of the tunnels existence.

“Of course, if the structure is of significance and is protected by law, his interest in remaining silent is obvious since it could complicate and delay the final building permission which he is desperately seeking.”

For many years CLARO has led the campaign to ‘Save Cala Mosca’ and its petition, signed by more than 7,000 people determined to prevent a mega building project which would destroy this last remaining open land on the coast, secured the support of the European Parliament. The EU has effectively blocked the project until all legal avenues are explored, only then will the project be given final approval. Currently a public consultation is in progress, where the degree of protection of two endangered species present on Cala Mosca, a rare flower and a snail, are among the key issues.

Therefore, the discovery of this hidden tunnel could be a lucky break for campaigners. If, after official investigation, it is decided that it is of public interest then this could affect the planned building project.

CLARO said: “Every legitimate means should be used to protect this emblematic zone. It will be a difficult task, particularly in light of a recent ruling by the Orihuela Council, where the governing Popular Party of Orihuela and its new coalition partner, the Ciudadanos Party, voted against a motion in last week's plenary meeting to postpone the building project and protect Cala Mosca.


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