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Print Posted By Shoutlocal.com on 02/02/2017



Costa Blanca People

The Councillor for Education Begoña Cuartero, has condemned the halting of the building works on the new CEIP Playas de Orihuela school. The building on the La Florida-based school have not resumed after the Christmas break.

The Councillor and a technician for the Department of Urbanism have held regular meetings with the director of the works in order to keep the project progressing, with the Councillor saying they have “always offered the services of the City Council to expedite and help with everything we can in order to speed up the work”.
Begona Cuartero recalled that the school has managed for more than 14 years with just prefabricated classrooms and said that “it is urgent that the regional Ministry of Education  resolves the problems that have arisen so that the works are not paralysed for another day.”

She challenged the regional administration “to explain the parents of the students,” because they are currently stuck in old and unsatisfactory facilities that cannot cope with the rain, there are leaks, the suffer flooding and each time we have a storm we have to close the classrooms altogether.

The last enhancement made by the Regional Education Department at the centre was the installation of an upstairs that has not worked because in last week's storm the school was flooded yet again.
Faced with this situation, the Councillor for Education was forced last week to approach the Territorial Directorate of Alicante to hold a meeting with the Territorial Director of Education, Tudi Torró, to whom she expressed concern about the progress of the new school. Councillor Cuartero highlighted that there has been no activity since before Christmas, and that the technical architect and Director of Execution had not given at date to meet on site as previously planned.

During the meeting  the Territorial Director, through the chief architect of the Technical Unit of Constructions, confirmed to the Councillor that there were problems with the company that is undertaking the building works and that probably he has to make modifications in the project. Councillor Cuartero has urged the Conselleria to “take the appropriate measures so that the works are resumed as soon as possible for the good of the students”.

Schools out: Work stopped


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